Brenda Steele:

I’ve been thinking about what has led to the lack of trust as reflected in the Survation poll here:

Perhaps a watch of this briefing – specifically to the questions from the press – might explain the public’s attitude. 

FM NicolaSturgeon. holds a press conference on #coronavirus 25/5/20

I took the trouble to listen a second time and make notes – not a pleasant task, I can assure you. This is my assessment:

Within this briefing there were repeats of essentially the same same question 

There were repeats of questions that have been asked at previous press conferences.

Several questions were couched in terms that were quite barbed, and quite frankly some were downright nasty – what the public would describe as “have you stopped beating your wife” questions.

Others began poorly by quoting figures of dubious accuracy in their facts before the question was asked (971 appeared more than once).

One could be described as a rambling speech peppered with questions rather than a clear question.

Some were clearly totally political designed to extract a criticism of Westminster in the hopes that Boris & Co would take umbrage.

Not quite a third had some merit and almost all of those came from the local or sector journalists  rather than the well known National titles.

A world-wide pandemic is in on-going but the MSM clearly had no thought of providing a public service. Quite the contrary, scoring points and getting  pejorative anti-SNP/ScotGov headliness or attempts to set Holyrood and Westminster at odds were the order of the day.

Why on earth would the public have any trust in people who act in this way under these circumstances?