In a Survation poll published today based on fieldwork from 22-26 May, as the Dominic Cummings story dominated media reporting, this admittedly small but entertaining, sub-poll of 87 Scots gives us this:

  • Con: 9.89%
  • Lab: 19.19%
  • LD: 7.63%
  • Greens: 1.84%
  • SNP: 48.35%
  • Undecided: 13.11%

Readers will correctly note the limited reliability of a sample of 87 at only 20 times more reliable than a Reporting Scotland street survey by Glen Campbell.

Taking away the undecided, the SNP share is 55.52%. For entertainment value the Conservative share should not be adjusted. Also, the undecided are never undecided about the Tories.

Also notable, less than 5% of the Scots were strongly favourable toward the PM, Johnson, whereas between 20% and 26% of those in other non-Scottish parts were.

With regard to the performance of the UK Government, all other parts were almost twice as favourable toward it (c45%) as Scots (25%) were. By far the most supportive of the UK Government were the Northern Ireland respondents at an astonishing 56%!

It was similar on UK leadership, with 60% of the Northern Irish thinking Johnson made the better PM than Starmer would. In Scotland only 21% agreed and in the other parts it ranged from 40 to 50%.

Footnote: Was the Northern Irish sample drawn from just one housing scheme? One with red, white and blue kerb-stones?