With Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark clearly already in their camp, Professor Linda Bauld and Doctor Phillipa Whitford MP, were scathing in their assessment of Boris Johnson’s promised ‘World-class’ testing system for covid-19. Professor Pennington was not invited to comment.

Critically, as Bauld points out, to be successful as in Germany, the system needs to be localised, using systems and expertise already in place. The Scottish system will do just that.

In contrast, Johnson plans a centralised system based on contracting the work out to Serco and a mobile phone ‘app.’

Whitford then points out that Johnson should have put the money into strengthening the public health system in England and stresses that the testing should have been in place before ‘he sent people back to work.’

She finishes ominously with:

We have no idea what’s happening in London with people on tubes and buses going to work for the last eleven days

Pressed by Wark she admits regret but attributes Scotland’s abandonment of testing and tracing in the early stages as a consequence of the ‘4 Nations’ approach. Presumably it will have been the last?

It’s worth watching:


Footnote: Several Reporting Scotland staffers have reportedly been horrified by what seems to them to be a clear case of BBC Bias….against England!