Herald lead story 2 days ago

Poll after poll putting the SNP at 50% or more and the First Minister trusted by 10 to 12 times as many Scots as the Scottish Labour leader, Shadowy Secretary of State for Morningside, Ian Murray, must be shattered by the public’s lack of confidence in his party and, if they recognise him, him.

The YouGov poll yesterday has the SNP at 51% and Labour at 15%, 10 points behind even the appalling Tories led by the frankly unappetizing Carlaw.

The wider data here suggest a surge by the English leader, Sir Keir Starmer, to as high as 37% in London and 35% in Scotland, narrowing the gap with Boris Johnson to only 12 points from 24 points in April, but that does not seem to translate into any surge on behalf of Scottish Labour.