Want to bet which government will have a testing system up and running first?

By Brenda Steele:


Coronavirus: Contact tracing technology trialled at three health boards

Coronavirus: Test and trace ‘fully ready’ by the end of May

A contact tracing system to suppress coronavirus is to be trialled in three health boards from Monday, the Scottish government has said.

The software will be tested in NHS Fife, NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Highland.

Earlier this month, the government said testing and tracing would be “key” to the battle against the virus.

We do know from previous news items that ScotGov has been recruiting from charity and small organisations in the local areas – ones with local knowledge.

Then we have the big bang super-duper version from Wastemonster – sorry Westminster.


LONDON (Reuters) – Britain expanded its testing scheme on Monday to allow anyone aged over five with COVID-19 symptoms to book a test to see if they have the virus, health minister Matt Hancock announced.

Hancock also said the government had recruited 21,000 staff to work for its tracing system designed to find those who have had contact with someone who has the coronavirus.

The expanded testing programme and track-and-trace system are key parts of Britain’s plan to move back to normality after a viral outbreak which has killed more 40,000 people.

“We now have the elements we need to roll out our national test and trace service: the testing capacity, the tracing capability and the technology. Building that system is incredibly important,” Hancock said.

But alas, this National Roll-out is all based on using the Appwhich has not yet had the problems sorted out.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52709568 Coronavirus: Isle of Wight contact-tracing app trial – a mixed verdict so far

It is 10 days since all Isle of Wight residents were invited to test the NHS app at the heart of the government’s test, track and trace strategy. So how’s it going?

Mixed would probably be a fair verdict.

The big concern was how many people would download it. Epidemiologists suggest that for the UK as a whole, about 60% of the population needs to install and use the software for it to live up to its full potential.

So when Downing Street says there have been roughly 60,000 downloads, that’s not a bad result. The island’s population is 140,000, and its inhabitants are slightly older and less likely to own a smartphone than the UK average.

But one cautionary note – that 60,000 may include some who downloaded it twice or are from the mainland.

Still that compares well with other experiments. About 20% of the population of Singapore downloaded its contact-tracing app, and last week an Australian government app had been installed by roughly a quarter of its population.

But here’s the key question – does it work? Are users being alerted to take action after coming into contact with the virus?

I won’t give the link out of principle but here is the headline  from the mailonline.

The government could DITCH its contact tracing app and ‘move to a different model’ after only 35% of residents download it on the Isle of Wight

So, do you want to take bets on which government will have a system up and running first?

4 thoughts on “Want to bet which government will have a testing system up and running first?

  1. And as we all know from past experience, one of Westminster’s preferred ways of burning money is to award software contracts to carefully selected developers. Wonder what the final bill will be for this particular coming fiasco?

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  2. I knew all along what was going on both here and down there
    As prev.stated and protocol denies me saying too much
    But without doubt i can state this
    The Westminster one will fail and that is a 100% guarantee
    Expect the usual spin and blame game when it implodes
    Up here and from the very start this system was given the simplest of briefs
    And once you know such that is the reason in what our current apparent delay is and if it deploys and proves to be reliable and a vital new tool against this virus will be our best friend in phased lock down endings
    But such success will raise massive problems with Westminster for 1 reason and 1 reason alone
    And that is due to the fact that their health system especially in IT is totally fragmented and requires joining up
    But they have no staff of the calibre to do so and are forced to use private companies who given the current set up in EHNS would take yrs to develop a functional system
    They quite simply have to muddle through and on
    Like i stated before at the highest level
    They asked Microsoft for assistence
    Who replied they could not possibly achieve their aims in a short time and advised them the only person who could help was with SNHS
    UPON which they tried to poach the individual concerned and key members of the team They were turned down
    So the brief for SNHS WAS
    1.the system must work,be reliable and easy to collate monitor and adapt as reqd.
    Quickly and easily
    2.No launch untill
    A) Sufficient tests & lab capacity in place
    B) Above must be able to give reliable results upon which to act within 48 hrs
    C)Trial areas of significant size and complexity for dummy runs in order to de bug any problems that arise
    D) Sufficient staff in place fully trained and organised prior roll out
    As many staff as possible from existing resources of SHNS who fully comprehend
    The task at hand and are suitably qualified and experienced to carry out dilligently
    Shortfall to be externally recruited and trained
    Then and only then implement
    Time will tell
    But I know my money is on here

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