The First Minister had to explain this over-and-over yesterday to a gaggle of bairns posing as journalists and now the Herald thinks we’re interested in more, well two, questions from those deeply unconvincing ‘determined wimps’, Jackson Carlaw and Ian Murray, leaders of the Labour and Conservative Coalition (LACC).

There were only a handful of Scots at the Nike conference. If there had been an announcement, they would have been exposed to maltreatment by any number of balloons over-reacting to the news and turning up at their homes with torches and pitchforks,

A professional group advised the Scottish Government not to release the details into the public domain and got on with the job of contact tracing. I’m guessing no one died because at least one relative would have been onto the press looking for money.

If either Carlaw or Murray had been in government, don’t laugh, it’s cruel, does anyone really believe they would have over-ruled expert opinion and risked the criticism they would have got if one or more of the attendees had then suffered abuse or trauma as a result?