By Brenda Steele:

In December last year, newspaper circulation continued to fall across the industry. Even The Sun reported a 13 per cent fall in just that one year. All paid-for newspapers continued to see their sales fall year-on-year, with the smallest drop (three per cent) at the Observer.

Then the COVID-19 crisis came and ad revenues crashed.

More than 2,000 staff across the UK’s national and regional press have temporarily lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, Press Gazette research has found. Across the country, news publishers have been furloughing staff, cutting wages and suspending print titles to cope with collapsing advertising and print sale revenues brought on by the pandemic.

I cannot say that I am exactly weeping into my beer for them. To be honest as far as I am concerned most newspapers are not worth the paper they are printed on. I won’t pay good money for mind manipulating drivel, just as I won’t pay the TV licence to ingest the BBC’s poisonous offerings.

I sometimes watch the daily press briefing from the previous day although to be honest I can get the numbers on line. I don’t normally watch the questions from the journalists – the last time I was raging by the end – most of the questions were so puerile. I made the mistake of watching this one to see if things had improved. Big mistake. It was worse than ever. The UKMSM is like a terrier with a juicy bone – it was Nike Conference all the way.

I suspect they were deprived of the Nike attendees and the folk in the Nike Stores and Kilt shop were probably out of reach too. But very enterprisingly they tracked down three tour guides who had done their thing with three groups of about 20 conference attendees. To their shock and horror (aye right – unalloyed delight would be more like it) – the tour guides had not been contacted or tested. Their point made repeatedly was that this was an utterly massive failing on the part of ScotGov and Nicola should hang her head in utter shame.

If you are a glutton for punishment here it is.

First Minister NicolaSturgeon holds a press conference on #coronavirus 19/5/20

I’m retired now but in my time I went to some of these junkets and I can give them a piece of revelatory information that might calm their hysteria.

Not all conference attendees go on the tour. Truly, really!

For a start the high heid yins don’ t. If they get a tour it is in a limo with bar and their own private tour guide.

Not all the locals go. A tour of your town (or that other town in your country) loses some of its allure on the 51st time. They turn up for the mandatory meetings and nothing else.

Some of the ones from other countries will arrive too late to take the provided tour or be too knackered to bother.

I have a piece of advice for the UKMSM. If you want to keep up your circulation or increase your on-line subscribers try reporting facts rather than digging for imaginary dirt.

And for those who want to get the flavour without the lemon juice , I recommend watching this:

Janey Godley I don’t have a National Munchausen by Proxy

Brenda Steele
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