We’re all familiar with Prof Pennington, Commander of the British Empire, popping up to state the bleedin’ obvious but who knew the the Principality of Wales had one too, in Prof Sian Griffith, Order of the British Empire. The similarities are uncanny. Both ‘experts’ are quick to remind readers that they are probably not the ones to ask any more but the British media like their Unionist thinking.


Wales must work closely with other UK nations to secure enough resources to deal with coronavirus, an expert has said. Prof Griffiths said it was “good news” an antibody test was on the horizon, but Welsh authorities needed to ensure they could get enough of them. “I don’t know what negotiations are going on there, but that will be an important balance to this need to ramp up testing.”


Four days ago:

A leading expert is urging the Scottish Government to “bid quickly” for the antibody test that can determine whether people have been infected with coronavirus in the past. I don’t know what the plans are in terms of what number of tests are available or where it would be done. In theory it could be used in Scotland and I would hope that the Scottish Government is talking to Public Health England and to Roche – they’ll obviously have to negotiate a deal if the test is going to be made available in any numbers.