We’ve known for a week now that the first minister only became aware of the outbreak when cases were confirmed around March 2. She did not know the venue. Here’s what she said:

Why would we have been trying to cover anything up? We were reporting figures on this. I stood up here every single day to be as open and transparent with you, the public, as possible. There is no interest in covering these things up, so that is nonsense.

And actually, I don’t know where that accusation comes from, but it sounds like highly politicised nonsense as well.

Ian Murray ABE?

The FM said that Health Protection Scotland had set up an incident management team when the infection became apparent. Contact tracing had been carried out. She insisted that all appropriate steps were taken following the outbreak. Confirmed cases associated with the conference were reported through the daily figures.

The story, of course has huge appeal for the opposition parties reeling from opinion poll results and desperate to feed their MSM cronies with something, anything.