New poll reveals Scots don’t really like any English politicians but when it comes to Priti Patel…….

In a YouGov poll on 13-14 May, with a Scottish sub-sample of 145, Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak come out best but only at 9% and 8% approval respectively.

Boris and Raab are at minus 46, Hancock at minus 33 but poor old Priti Patel is at minus 67%!

They didn’t ask about Nicola Sturgeon. Wonder why?

4 thoughts on “New poll reveals Scots don’t really like any English politicians but when it comes to Priti Patel…….”

  1. Nothing priti about this piece of work.
    Sacked as a minister when she went off the reservation to talk to the fascists in Israel,presumably about how to fix their problem with the Palestinians.
    When Ireland was perceived as a stumbling block to the Tory Brexit ambitions,she advocated cutting off their food supplies in order to get compliance.
    Not to mention the atrocities against immigrants for which she has been responsible .
    Still,that is what England democratically voted for.
    We didn’t.

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  2. We have to unshackle from a nation of people who think Jons-un is in any shape or form ‘favourable’. The man is a monster and as every horror film knows monsters with smiles are the worst. Maybe Priti Patel is only there to make the others look good.

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  3. Reminds me of how we Scots can sniff their type out from a distance and it recalls a memory from when Mike & Berni
    Winters early in their (joke) comedy careers appeared at a theatre in Glasgow
    As a warm up act
    Mike came on alone for 5 mins.and then upon introducing his brother Bernie
    A wee Glasgow working man in the front row stood up shouting
    On for FUCK sake theirs Twa O them
    But on this case the whole bill is full of them
    But along the road in Edinburgh i hear there is a most excellent show daily at Holyrood and a new mega star in the making


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