In Hold the Front Page yesterday:

The Scottish government has unveiled a £3m advertising boost for newspapers across Scotland. “The Scottish government will continue to share public health messages in Scottish papers and on their digital sites.” The announcement has been welcomed by Scottish Newspaper Society director John McLellan. He told HTFP: “The SNS is delighted that the Scottish government will be investing in our titles and it is recognition of the key role our titles play in communicating effectively with communities up and down Scotland.

John McLellan? John McLellan! ‘Communicating effectively?’ This Tory Councillor and Scotsman columnist is the most rabid of British Nationalists. He is the most visceral critic of the SNP. Are Brian Wilson and Brain Monteith to share in the benefits of this scheme too?

I don’t think I can bear this.

I’ve been good. I’ve been so good.

I’ve stopped going on about Nicola enthusing about that war criminal Hilary Clinton. I’ve had therapy to help me forget that image of her selfie with that other war criminal and, ladies, all-round creepy guy, Alistair Campbell? I’m trying not to think about those uber-feminists who stitched up Alex Salmond. I’ve almost forgotten the latest Pete Wishart mortification but now this!

My taxes going to those same stinky Unionists I spend my days slapping down!

If I start drinking too much again, it won’t be MY FAULT!!!