Mairi Spowage. Photo: Fraser of Allander Institute

It had to happen. The impatience, nay rage, of critics of SNP sloth, such as the Rev Campbell and Peter ‘Absolutely’ Bell, has clearly got to even those former champions of moderate politics, Tom ‘Prince’ Gordon and Ms Spowage at the FoALI. They make the case for a full independence spurge (go wild), now, with great clarity.

In the Herald today:

SNP ministers need to be bolder and more innovative in response to the coronavirus crisis, and not just complain about Holyrood being shortchanged by Westminster, the country’s top economic thinktank has said. The Fraser of Allander Institute said the UK Government had been “quite bold”, while the Scottish Government was harping on its usual complaint about limited borrowing powers.

What else can this mean but full independence with borrowing powers? As the lives of workers in England are spurged up against a wall by the PM, you’ve got to agree. He has been ‘quite bold’.

Now, I’m going to be bold too. Let’s not do anything to risk our R number. Let’s go for independence and, even more, follow the life-saving strategies of our Northern European neighbours.

Footnote: Spowage: This unusual and interesting name is of early medieval English origin, and is a topographical surname denoting residence by a place where the species of plant called ‘spurge’ grew in abundance. The name derives from the Middle English word ‘spurge’, developed from the Old French ‘espurge’, and describes the species of plants characterised by an acrid milky juice possessing medicinal properties.

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Footnote 2: Spurge: When you have the sporadicurge to do something wild