How English cartoonists continue to demonise and mock our elected leaders

Peter Brookes in 2020.

Steve Bell in 2015.

Steve Bell in 2014.

Steve Bell in 2013.

9 thoughts on “How English cartoonists continue to demonise and mock our elected leaders

  1. I think they are doing a great job , it lets Scots see exactly what the English are thinking if these cartoonists speak for the English nation , another nail in the UK coffin ! .

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  2. Keep up the excellent work
    We need as many effective recruiting sergeant’s as possible to swell our ever growing ranks
    Believe me the laugh is on you

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  3. Ah, Yes! The vaunted English ‘pawky’ sense of humour on full display.

    The words ‘childish’, ‘crude’ and ‘crass’ come to mind….

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  4. This is the same mentality as existed when Irish Home Rule was going through parliament.

    The Irish were depicted in London magazines as less than human, crude, uneducated, hate-filled neandertal knuckle-draggers, who could not be expected to rule themselves.

    We should welcome the cartoonish colonial mentality of our “superiors”. They have lost the argument, and have nothing left save spite and bile.
    What do Carlot, Leotard and Wee Wullie think of this racist crap?

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  5. Och! Is it no just a wee bit o’ banter? Can yo no take a joke eh? Away and hae a deep fried mars bar and cheer yersels’ up.

    Have to agree – great indy recruitment officers.
    Add to that the feeble , devious media of Scotland showing their talents at the FM’s press conferences and it must surely make even the most disinterested Scots prick up their ears and think.


  6. When Independence Rises In Scotland The Cartoonists Will Move On To Another Target I Used To Get Angry At Cartoonists Yet Now I See THEY ARE THE JOKE Not Their Content
    Away And Vote Independence The Lot Of You.


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