From indyref2soon:

Latest weekly Covid-19 deaths in care homes:-

ONS (England & Wales) down 13% to 2423 (41/million)
NRS (Scotland) down 24% to 238 (44/million).

So England & Wales has 10.2 times as many as Scotland, and the deaths in Scotland are reducing nearly twice as fast currently.

The ratio of populations is about 10.9 for comparison, but care home populations would be more relevant.

I can’t find care home populations, or number of care homes, but there is data for how many Nursing Homes (care home with nursing) there are in each country. There are about 510 in Scotland and 4,082 in England & Wales, a ratio of 8.0. So they had more deaths per nursing home (0.59) than we did (0.47) in that week.

ONS data is for week ending 1 May –

NRS data is for week ending 10 May –

Breaking news (well, a few hours ago) for England & Wales:
“Coronavirus: real care home death toll double official figure, study says” –