How BBC Scotland could have reported

Headlined instead:

A third of Covid-19 intensive care patients do not recover, study shows

and shared [bottom left] with BBC UK:

Is a third of ICU patients not recovering, high or low? Is it success or failure? It’s headlined by BBC Scotland and shared across BBC UK to suggest a scandal.

What do we need? Context!

There’s none. Here’s some:

According to GlobalData Epidemiologist Bahram Hassanpourfard, the global recovery rate is 32%. Hassanpourfard drew attention to the ‘UK’ rate of only 0.46% but I suspect that is based on inadequate data coming from the ONS.

As far as I can see, the ONS is not recording recovery rates at all. Why?

The Scottish recovery rate is known, with 9 075 recovering from 13 486 cases and 1 857 deaths giving a rate of 67.3%.

Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

Given that Scotland’s population has the lowest life expectancy in the UK and one of the lowest in Europe, it seems reasonable to give NHS Scotland credit for this.