In Care Home Professional on 8th April:

Leading care home operator HC-One has expressed its outrage at Scottish Labour Party and GMB Union allegations it had withheld PPE from staff at a home where the deaths of eight people have been linked to the coronavirus. The UK’s largest care home provider accused the organisations of “political point scoring” after GMB regional secretary Gary Smith wrote to Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie alleging that protective masks at Castle View care home (pictured) had been “locked away by management, and staff were told they did not need to use them”. Scotland organiser Kirsty Nimmo said the GMB had seen further information making further “serious claims” of shortages of nursing staff and bullying and harassment of staff at the care home.

Several Scottish media outlets including the Daily Record and STV have since covered the story but BBC Scotland, alone, have not reported it. This is despite their enthusiasm for the same GMB regional secretary when he was prepared to have a rant against the Scottish Government on testing:

Finally, what has Jackie Baillie done about this? I can find no trace of action by her. I stand ready to be corrected. Like Gary Smith, she is a regular on Reporting Scotland.

I suppose the Castle View story doesn’t fit with her agenda to blame the Scottish Government for everything she can:

In the Dumbarton Democrat on 4th May:

Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond has warned the Scottish Government that lives will continue to be lost in care homes until it delivers “a robust and thorough action plan for fighting Covid-19 in our care homes”. She has raised grave concerns that lives could have been saved, had care home staff been provided with proper PPE, and there had been testing of staff and residents. People have been dying since March.

So Jackie, whose job is it to provide PPE for staff in a private car home – Nicola’s?