We have no reason to be surprised when BBC Scotland does not talk truth to power. The programme last night had two fatal flaws. First it did not investigate the power and access to information differential between the UK and Scottish governments and it did not investigate the powerful global corporations milking the Scottish care sector and responsible for the massive failure there to staff properly and to control infection.

Daly does mention in passing, the SAGE meetings at which CMOs and chief scientific advisers from the devolved administrations could only listen in, could not ask questions and instead had to submit them in writing beforehand but does not explore what this suggests about the UK Government’s ability to control the first phase of the response.

Pressurised by a neo-liberal, free-market-obsessed cabal in the cabinet and on the Tory back-benches, with Dominic Cummings in attendance and with control over the financial resources that could be released to tackle the outbreak, is it in any way fair to implicate the devolved governments in the consequent delay to lock-down?

It seems very clear that the devolved administrations were excluded and bullied into complicity with a flawed herd-immunity strategy and did not have the confidence to resist until it was too late.

The unequal and bullying nature of the relationship has since been revealed more fully with UK government departments monopolising the flow of PPE from manufacturers and from overseas networks of suppliers, to favour English-only health trusts and care home owners.

There is none of this in Disclosure Scotland‘s report.

Second, Daly makes much of the deaths in care homes and casually implies the blame lies with the Scottish Government’s testing regime. He too, seems not to have heard the John Beattie interview with the HC-One CE, on BBC Drivetime, and does not go anywhere near either the inspection reports, with failures in infection control, or attempt to disclose the huge cost to the Scottish taxpayer of private care homes, owned by large corporations registered in Florida or the Cayman Islands, which pay millions in dividends to their owners and nothing in tax to the Treasury.

Overall, abysmal.