In the Herald yesterday we read:

In a letter to Ms Sturgeon, Mr Carlaw demanded the First Minister produce daily evidence to justify her “slower approach” and convince the public it was the right one.

On the same day, YouGov did a snap survey revealing that 60% of Scots oppose the UK Government’s plan to encourage people, who can’t work from home, to go into work and 72% support the Scottish Government’s view that only: “Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives” makes it clear what I am supposed to do.

Readers may also remember the poll at the end of January which placed Carlaw as the second-least trusted leader in Scotland with only 8 out of 1 039, just ahead of Richard Leonard with only 6.

In pushing for a faster approach for those who can’t work from home, Carlaw is clearly prepared to risk the lives of working-class employees in manufacturing, hospitality and retail. As a former failed car salesman, he will of course, be pleased that these workers will have to travel by car rather than by public transport.