Alister Jack contradicts his boss!

Scottish Governor, Alister Jack, has insisted that Scotland must emerge from the lockdown in lockstep (nice) with the Westminster decision, when it comes but his boss, Acting Prime Minister, Dominic Raab on April 16th said:

the decision would be based on factors including a sustained fall in daily deaths and evidence the rate of infection was down to “manageable levels.” Raab said that if those conditions were satisfied the measures could be adjusted to allow “some economic and social activity to resume. It could involve relaxing measures in some areas while strengthening measures in other areas,” he said.

I’m shocked. You start to wonder if they’re fit to govern, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Alister Jack contradicts his boss!”

  1. Thats what happens when you commene a campaign when a crisis arises and you are in a state of unpreparedness then you go off in completely the wrong direction
    Having failed to act for the most important phase as the threat looms even larger then compound your cataclysmic mistakes by failing to identify the correct actions required of you
    Then when the awful consequence begin to befall you,denial that you were wrong becomes the principle policy going forward
    All above is a most simply described as
    Cause & effect
    There cannot ever arise a effect that began with a cause
    And never shall a cause arise that never has a effect
    But when all above occurs then the the first imperative is you immediately own up to the errors of your ways and create a command&control system
    Closely modified and refined so it evolves fully fit for purpose
    And drop your pre conceived agenda
    Because if you do not then as a Pink Floyd song from Dark Side of the Moon springs to mind
    And when the band you are in starts playing a different tune
    Then its time to see you on The Dark Side of the Moon

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  2. Am I the only one seeing a strong resemblance to the DUP policy to cling to The Union (Jack) come hell or high water?
    The only difference is that the DUP had an arrangement with the Tories, they weren’t officially a branch office – oh sorry – part of them.

    If I were them, I’d be paying more attention to how it worked out for the DUP.

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