In a damning inspection report from February 2020, the Care Commission found a horrific failure to control infection, in a London private ambulance service, just as coronovirus had arrived in the UK.

Key extracts:

The service did not have reliable systems in place to
control infection risk well. The service did not
undertake cleaning audits to ensure cleanliness and
hygiene standards were maintained.

We identified a vehicle with a rusty floor at our previous
inspection. We inspected the vehicle during this
inspection and found that it had not been repaired. The
registered manager told us the floor had been painted,
however the rust was bubbling under the paint. This
continued to present an infection control risk to patients
as the floor could not be sufficiently cleaned to reduce
the risk of cross infection.

The provider did not have an effective system and
process in place for cleaning vehicles and did not carry
out audits or keep records of which vehicle had been
cleaned. The registered manager showed us receipts
from a car wash service to evidence the vehicles were
cleaned every Sunday. However, the receipts showed
that not all vehicles had been cleaned weekly, they did
not show what the cleaning included, how the vehicle
had been cleaned or the level of cleaning. Therefore, we
were not assured the vehicles were cleaned adequately
to control the risk of infection. This was identified as a
concern at our previous inspection but no action had
been taken to improve this.

During our inspection, we found the provider did not
have a system and process in place for disposing of

clinical waste or a procedure for staff to follow to know
how to dispose of clinical waste. There was no
assurance the provider would dispose of clinical waste
in line with best practice which placed a risk of cross
infection to other members of the public. This issue was
also identified at our previous inspection, but no action
had been taken to resolve the matter.

Can you imagine what Reporting Scotland would say if this happened in Scotland.