Thanks to Brenda Steele for alerting me to this.

Two bitterly funny lines from the researchers:

We found that the case for unity is primarily negative in Spain, with self-determination viewed unconstitutional and independence divisive and backwards, and more positive in the UK, with the Union seen as the instrument to facilitate the success of its four nations.

In contrast, the UK is usually presented as a partnership into willingly and requiring the consent of its constituent nations. As a result, a case must be made for its continuation.

I know it takes some time for peer-review but did they do their research in 2014, just after David Cameron had pleaded with the Scots to stay and lead the UK and Gordon Brown had pledged us maximum devolution?

Did they finish it only weeks later, just before Cameron launched English votes for English Laws and Scottish Labour made sure the Smith Commission reneged on Cameron’s vow?

They must surely have finished the write-up before the Brexit saga of zero consultation with the devolved authorities and the braying contempt of the Tory benches when any Scot dared to speak. They must have neglected to read anything by Michael Gove as he regularly put us in our place.

I’ll excuse them for not taking into account the current trauma inflicted on Scotland by Westminster’s serial failures to prepare for the pandemic

Footnote: Is CetrĂ  related to Pete Cetera of 70s band, Chicago, who sang:

‘If you leave me now, you’ll take away the very heart of me…oooh ooooh oooh’