Last night, a still working, but young, female and apparently non-partisan, expert appeared on BBC Scotland’s own Debate Night to say:

Scottish government has ‘called it right’ on face covering. The Scottish government “probably called it right” with its advice for face coverings in enclosed public spaces, says Professor Kat Smith. The University of Strathclyde Public Health Policy professor says ministers are in a “difficult position” because current scientific advice is uncertain. She told BBC Debate Night it is important that people who choose to cover their faces do not reduce other coronavirus social distancing measures as a result.

Reporting Scotland featured much of the returning PM and repeats of information, already broadcast at 6pm on the ‘main news’, and extended interviews and wanders round wards, getting in the way, but no time for the topic of the day, yesterday and today, in both Scotland and at Westminster -face masks.

I guess that saying the Scottish government has called it right will get you nowhere in Pacific Quay.