BBC Good Morning Scotland’s Gary Robertson reflecting this morning on the care home deaths and the First Minister’s reminder that they have strict guidelines to follow, asks:

‘So does the guidance need tightening up and is enough being done to equip our care homes and care workers?’

Note the agenda. Why does he not ask whether the care home owners are failing to follow the guidelines or whether they, the owners, are doing enough? He starts from the position of implying that the Scottish Government guidelines might be flawed and that they should be making sure there is enough PPE. Why does he call them ‘our’ care homes when many, if not most, are privately owned often by corporations based in the USA?

He then asks, remarkably, in the context of the responsibility of the employer to provide PPE, as a matter of health and safety:

I suppose the difficulty is when you talk about the responsibility fro PPE being with the employers some people may not understand who the employer is which goes back to my question whether it is the care home, whether it’s the local authority, whether it’s the Scottish Government? Is it constructive at this point, to differentiate between public and private care homes?

Again, note the agenda. Which people do not know that the owner of a private business is not the employer and responsible for health and safety? Why does Robertson appear to wish to shelter the private sector from the criticism now emerging?