Covid is using the Tories to reveal bad news

Massie has written at some length but with little accuracy on the SNP sneakily postponing their review of education under the heading: ‘The SNP is using Covid to bury bad news’

I must be losing it because I felt a fleeting moment of compassion for him as he struggles to find something bad about what’s happening to the folk he left behind up here to live among the Johnsons, the Rees-Moggs, the Hancocks and the Patels, to name only a few.

When he sees this sort of thing it must make his wee heart stutter:


3 thoughts on “Covid is using the Tories to reveal bad news

  1. They all better start choosing their words of the utmost care as of now
    The death toll is going to exceed that of civilian deaths during WW2
    The actions of all them may be defined as considered not as one of incompetence
    But as a gross negligence and in fact
    A crime against Humanity
    This truly must be End of Empire
    Hail Hail Hail
    Boris the Last Emperor of Scotland

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  2. Boris Johnson bans C4 and the Sunday Times from his Press Conferences!
    Bit of a contrast with Nicola Strugeon who welcomes all and sundry to hers, including those who repeatedly try to blame the Scottish Government for Care Home deaths. Every day they have to be told that it is the responsibility of private care home owners to follow government advice about how to proect their residents and staff, not the government’s.
    I dont know how she manages to be so patient with these thickos.

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