At the briefing today, the First Minister carefully inserted those lines into a section on care home deaths.

In some ways we shouldn’t need to hear them. Isn’t it obvious that the owners of a facility are responsible for it? When factory workers die because the owners have not invested in the safety equipment that law requires them to, we blame them not the Government.

When the death rates in homes for the elderly rocketed why did it not occur to the reporters at BBC Disclosure Scotland to investigate the extent to which employers have followed the guidance and the extent to which they planned for increased pressure on their PPE supplies which they must surely have seen coming in the months before the surge.

BBC Scotland love to use single traumatic experiences upon which to generalise a wider crisis. I feel sure, judging by their journalistic standards that they read the Daily Record. How did they [and all the others] miss this juicy piece on 8th April:

Care home bosses could face fines or even jail if they don’t comply with new measures to protect staff and residents. Following allegations that one care home had locked personal protection equipment away from staff who needed it, a union boss called for full enforcement legislation to be used against any care home shown to be negligent.

There’s more:

But, for BBC Wales, the agenda is different, to protect the Labour Party:

Scotland’s media are interested in care home deaths but only if they can find some way to shift the blame from the owners, often Tory donors, onto the Scottish Government.