Maybe small but too smart to stay in the UK? Scottish company builds giant marine turbine near Wuhan!

China Three Gorges: Photo CTG

From Energy Voice today:

A Scottish marine energy firm has announce it has completed construction on a giant tidal turbine near the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Simec Atlantis Energy, which has a number of renewable energy projects in Scotland and Wales, today confirmed the completion of its  SG500kW tidal stream turbine. The mammoth structure, with a rotor diameter of almost 60 feet, was installed between the islands of Putuoshan and Huludao in the Zhoushan archipelago in China in the past week.


China is switching on its first-ever utility-scale tidal turbine, following installation by energy giant China Three Gorges (CTG) of a flagship unit designed by UK technology developer Simec Atlantic Energy. The 500kW device, based on Atlantis’ AR1500 machine used at Scotland’s pioneering MeyGen tidal power project, was built by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation at its Wuhan facility and deployed between the islands of Putuoshan and Huludao in the Zhoushan archipelago. The installation, fast-tracked in under 18 months despite the industrial slow-down caused by the coronavirus outbreak in Hubei region, opens the door to China tapping a tidal energy resource estimated at over 8GW.

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11 thoughts on “Maybe small but too smart to stay in the UK? Scottish company builds giant marine turbine near Wuhan!”

  1. I heard a whoop of delight from the BBC Scotland’s and Herod’s ‘health’ correspondents, Ms Summers and Ms McCardle.

    WUHAN!! That’s where Covid-19 started. Simec Atlantis Energy have received grants from THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT!!

    This proves beyond doubt that it is the SG which is responsible for Covid-19 coming to Scotland. Probably, an Atlantis employee has been in Govan at sometime and maybe went near the QEUH and, if he went in, did he use the hand cleanser, because there was no person there to force him to do it.

    Perhaps you could drop an email to alert one of the MSPs for the Govan area. He’s a chap called, Sarwar.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And, to get to the hospital, he might have walked across Elder Park and pigeons sometimes perch in the trees there. This is getting worse!!!


  2. Gutted that the management didn’t go ahead with the construction in Scotland.
    If they managed to build prototypes for testing here (or was it Northern Ireland) then there was nothing stopping the company moving from prototype build to a production run here. Other than the size of the profits. I suppose that’s capitalism for you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Towing to China is not unreasonable , Mitsubishi ‘s first drydock was built here and towed to Nagasaki in the late 19th century , thanks to Thomas Glover’ s agency .

        Liked by 1 person

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