This story is all over the ‘UK’ media from ITV to the Guardian but not so far in Tory press or the loyal BBC.

I can find no sign of reports of comparable shortages in Scotland, not even from the BBC Scotland and Herald health correspondents who recently ran with insubstantial social media sources from one Glasgow GP who ia Anas Sarwar MSP’s cousin or nephew or brother-in-law or something.

Absence of evidence is not always evidence of absence but we can be sure that if they had anything at all, from even the GMB, we’d know all about it.

Perhaps tonight’s Disclosure team, back from chasing the wrong lorry-load of calves all the way to Spain and sitting in old folk’s homes to hear of pan-drop shortages, have got something to shock us with? It takes them so long to produce anything, it’s probably using film shot in 2014.

The only related comparative study I can find is from the British Dental Association on 21st April:

Over half (54%) of dentists in England said PPE shortages are hampering efforts to treat patients at urgent dental care (UDC) hubs, according to a survey of 1,010 UK dentists by the BDA…..Only one in five dentists in Scotland are reporting the same issues, the poll found….The BDA said a lack of PPE has meant some UDC hubs cannot currently treat patients. It says a third of the sites in England remain inactive, compared with just 2% across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scotland’s ‘public watchdogs’, or NoMedia, seemed to miss the above.

Footnote: I apologise for the mess caused by you splurting out your tea when you read ‘public watchdogs’ and thought of Paul Hutcheon or Glen Campbell or whoever.