We shall fight it without protective clothing and ‘take your death on the chin!’

By anandprasad

I am truly ignorant of politics so please excuse my ignorance but don’t the Scottish government have a publicity team that can show this astonishing disparity between the covid-19 death rate in Scotland and the UK average?

Every day I wait for someone mainstream to point this out. I have only my partner to shout at. Do we have to wait years for some official report when peoples attention spans have moved back to some celebrity dancing/ baking/ sewing/ breathing contest? It really isn’t that difficult to compare average 5/10/15 year death rates with 2020 to see what is being hidden. MSM do your job.

My partner is Danish. She got back to the UK on the 8th of March 3 days before their lockdown. That time is remembered well (otherwise memory is hopeless) because i had also been visiting in England and helping the decision making family members who were abroad or intending to go abroad. The comparison with Denmark is easy to see but it is equally valid in Ireland, Norway etc.

From https://bylinetimes.com/2020/04/22/the-coronavirus-crisis-denmarks-gold-standard-response/
‘When Denmark locked down on 11 March, they had identified 514 cases compared to the UK’s 456. In the six weeks since the lockdown, Denmark has suffered just 370 deaths and 7,695 cases. Compare and contrast to the UK. The UK did not enter lockdown until 23 March – 7 weeks after the first UK case was reported on 31st January. Since then, (as of 21 April) the UK has reported over 129,044 cases and over 17,000 hospital deaths.’

If find it incomprehensible that with information like that the UK public still think Kim Jons-un is doing a good job with covid-19.
I have been re-watching the excellent Burns documentary series ‘Vietnam’ in which it states that 58% of Americans supported the Kent State shootings which included the murder of 4 students. It made me realise that our stupidity is unchanged. And we can no longer pretend we are better than americans. We have arrived!

Also extremely puzzled why the majority of the UK public trusts the press less than Kim Jons-un in covid-19. I don’t watch or read MSM because they lie about just about everything but are they really lying about the pandemic and more so, by a massive amount, than our very own moron and his muppets?

From Sky
‘ 51% of people say they trust Mr Johnson to handle coronavirus, while 39% say they do not trust him, giving him an overall net score of 12

24% say they trust TV journalists while 64% say they do not, giving a net score of minus 40.

17% say they trust newspaper journalists, while 72% say they do not, giving an overall net score of minus 55.’

And the public trust the scientific advisers
‘42% saying they trust [Professor Chris Whitty] and 17% saying they do not, giving him a higher net overall score than the prime minister, at 25.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific officer, is trusted by 25% and not trusted by 17%, giving him an overall net score of eight.’