Look at the wording:

Scotland’s supply of PPE has been bolstered after 11 million face masks and 100,000 testing kits arrived from China. It comes after Chinese suppliers sent a shipment of 10 million masks earlier in the week. One million of the new masks will go to NHS Wales. Scottish businesses have also provided supplies and equipment to support the fight against Covid-19. The first minister has praised the more than 1,600 organisations and individuals that have helped.

Isn’t it likely that the Scottish Government took the initiative here, using its links to Chinese officials and industrialists, ironically often criticised by the opposition parties via BBC Scotland reporting? BBC Scotland’s wording suggest that some amorphous entity called ‘China’ just thought one day, ‘Let’s send 10 million masks to those struggling Scots!’

Did those Scottish businesses, likewise, just think one day, ‘Let’s provide supplies and equipment’ or were they perhaps contacted by a Scottsih Government department?

As for the First Minister, did she praise them for helping as they did, or for surprising her completely with the idea that they could?

Right at the end we read:

Jim Miller, director for procurement, commissioning and facilities at NHS National Services Scotland, said: “A big part of what we were doing in NHS Scotland procurement is to look at how the money we spend with suppliers can have a positive impact on the Scottish economy.”

Wait a minute, is he suggesting that a government department has a strategy and isn’t just waiting around for business folk, Chinese or Scottish, to come to them and wake them from their stupor, with a big idea? Surely not.

This is a nice example of unconscious bias. Nobody set out to understate the role of the Scottish Government. They just did what comes naturally, driven by well-established routines learned over years within a culture where the Union is normal and where the notion of the SNP Government as a positive force just does not compute.