Not averse myself to an ugly mugshot of Jackson Carlaw, I know the choice of an image is never innocent but at this infected time, the Scotsman have the above strangely ‘diseased’ image of the First Minister.

I’ve never ever seen the FM look like that and she’s ubiquitous across our media every day. They’ve used some technique to make her look like that. What are they trying to say about her at this time?

Any psychologist reading this?

I’m feeling a mixture of anxiety and pity, so not good? She doesn’t look strong and capable. Should she join the PM in isolation and give the jackal reporters at the covid-19 briefings a chance?

I note that it is used with a piece by the former Tory MSP, Brexit MEP living in France, serial accuser of the SNP, the himself pretty poisonous, Brian Monteith.

You have to say France has been good for his skin tone and his topiary is enviably symmetrical.