The improved truthier version

Talking-up Scotland Collective staff have had to step-in once more to protect BBC Scotland audiences from inaccurate reporting. Extracted from the BBC report but badly positioned, here are the main points:

  • The vast majority of these homes are now properly resourced after seeking Scottish government support.
  • The Scottish government said any home which flags up shortages because of Covid-19 illness or absence is offered immediate help from the Care Inspectorate watchdog.
  • This could see the home allocated NHS nursing support or paired with available agency workers.
  • Meanwhile, it has been revealed more than 2,600 people have applied to work in social care since a recruitment drive for the sector was launched in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.
  • Dr Donald Macaskill, chief executive of trade body Scottish Care, whose members provide the vast majority of Scotland’s 36,000 care home beds, said these new recruits would be a “timely boost” for the industry.
  • He said: “These Care Inspectorate figures are very much in line with what we are hearing from care homes. I actually think things were worse at the end of March and into early April but the picture is an improving one, not withstanding some extreme cases. This is partly because workers are returning to work after 14 days self-isolation and there has been some movement in testing, all of which helps to alleviates the pressure.”

Sadly, however, BBC Scotland presented the story differently:

Here’s the bit they selected for the headline and opening lines:

‘But 31 homes are still graded as “only just able to provide” the right staffing levels, while a further 12 “no longer have adequate levels” needed.’

For context, [BBC, I’ll explain if you text me] according to STATISTICS.GOV.SCOT, there are 1 142 care homes in Scotland, so the 12 represent 1.05% of the total.

Also for context but I guess unmentionable in the state broadcaster, 82 English care homes failed inspections, some for poor infection control, in the last month, while none in Scotland did.