Will ‘suppressing’ the virus release the dream of independence?

That man is a feckin eejit!

An otherwise fascinating and thought-provoking piece from Common Weal begins and ends with a strangely pessimistic headline and conclusion. Not like Common Weal to be negative about the SNP, eh?

Titled ‘Has Sturgeon’s pivot come too late’ it finishes with: ‘The question which may haunt the First Minister when this crisis is over is: ‘Why did I not doubt Boris Johnson sooner?’ Does anyone doubt that she has long held Johnson in complete contempt?

Anyhow, here’s the gist of their argument:

  • Last Tuesday, the FM ‘pivoted’ from the UK-wide ‘containment or delaying phase’ to talk of ‘suppressing’ the virus.
  • This will mean testing and surveillance, contact tracing and isolation of people with symptoms, as in S Korea.
  • On Friday, she began to talk of taking a different approach from the other nations.
  • On Saturday, the Sunday Times bombshell story exposing the PM’s fatal incompetence, criminal negligence, distraction and ideology-based delay.

The FM is, of course, silent on the opportunities emerging to re-energise the debate on constitutional change which must come as the relative performance of her and Johnson’s governments is revealed, in shocking differences in the death rate in Scotland and England. She’s easily smart enough to know what the media and opposition parties would make of even the slightest suggestion she is thinking about that at this time, but the time will come when it is deemed tasteful, allowable. The Guardian, the Independent, the Times or Channel 4 will not hesitate to go for Johnson and his team of schoolboy ministers and to lay the dead at the door of Number 10.

The Times has already spotted the danger:

That this is coming will not, of course, be trumpeted by the SNP but by their enemies who, as they must, sense the impending doom for their chosen one and the enhanced threat to the Union. Like frightened dogs they have been barking for the last week or so:

No surprise Jackson Carlaw was first to sense the danger and then get slapped by one of his owners:

Then the Scotsman’s pitbull charged the fence growling:

Of course, the BBC’s own lumbering mastiff/bloodhound cross was there too:

Less aggressive than those three, a chubby Labourador and the New Statesman’s rare Scottish Poodle took to licking themselves nervously and pleading for attention:


Will ‘Sturgeon’s Pivot’ enter one of those lexicons like Occam’s Razor or Russell’s Paradox?

I think the last is to do with those wee ratters looking so cute before they have your hand off.

4 thoughts on “Will ‘suppressing’ the virus release the dream of independence?

  1. I think Ms Sturgeon made the ‘pivot’ some weeks ago when she announced the ban on large gatherings a move much derided by Mr Johnson et al. Within a few days they had followed suit. School closures, covid-19 hubs, testing of NHS staff and their families all ahead of the clowns down south and more. Something some people seem very reluctant to acknowledge as they bleat continuously about ‘lock step’.

    Ms Sturgeon was Health Secretary in the first years of the SNP led SG. She had to deal with an NHS rife with hospital acquired infections and then in 2009 the Swine flu epidemic. A steep learning curve in infection control on so many levels and one that no doubt honed her ability to judge advice from experts and one that made her very aware of the international dimension and expertise to fighting epidemics.

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      1. One of the earliest divergences from the UK Gov was the announcement by Ms Sturgeon about the ban on large gatherings. But it was also an example of Ms Sturgeon making a judgement about the advice she was getting from advisers and going her own way.

        The honorary professor Leitch, and erstwhile dentist, was doing the rounds of the studios at that time saying there was no need to ban large gatherings such as football matches. He would attend such a gathering. Quite safe because they are held in open-air arenas!!

        Now this:


        As I said Ms Sturgeon has experience of overseeing an epidemic and evaluating scientific/expert advice


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