SHOCK: Brian Monteith revealed as leader of Les Brexiteurs!

With John McLennan and Brian Wilson, Monteith represents all that is most wearisome in the Scotsman as it tries to fight-off competition from disreputable, untrained, unprofessional social media tykes such as those at TuSC. We’re averaging 10 000 views this month. Anyone have the Scotsman figures?

Thankfully protected by their paywall, we can only see these puzzling opening lines:

‘You know when a belief system has become an ideology when it is seen by those who hold it as justifying any and every decision.’

Is that not back-to-front? Aren’t belief systems more comprehensive and inflexible than than ideologies? Are ISIS following beliefs or an ideology?

This is no time or place for semantics but I guess he’s suggesting that SNP supporters are a bit more consistent and joined-up in their thinking than opportunistic, self-centred, pragmatists, like the kind of folk who migrated from the Conservatives to the Brexit Party in pursuit of a career that even the former would not offer them. That’s not what he meant?

7 thoughts on “SHOCK: Brian Monteith revealed as leader of Les Brexiteurs!

  1. Alas for the Scotsman–Scotland’s Shame!

    But the Hootsmon gets some on-line views, though diminishing.
    That is primarily because Ruthie and Carlot search the Hootsmon digital world for headlines containing their OWN names. Their ego-tripping is slowing, as they sink into deeper obscurity, joining Murdo the Loser Guy, Monteith and Big Bella as the nadir of human interest.

    Oh, I forgot about Mundell—already a blank page in the History of Scotland* book.
    Pair wee Davie ! All that bag-carrying for nothing !

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  2. Just watched the FM’s televised daily briefing. It again gave a very substantial opportunity for a large number of journalists to ask questions and be given substantive responses. Candidly, the majority of questions were ‘sensible’. But there were exceptions.

    First up to ask a question was Lisa Summers of BBC Scotland. On the day of widespread positive responses to the achievement of the opening of NHS Louisa Jordan as a key contingency measure – remember the royal fuss when the equivalent hospital opened in London – of all she could have raised, Ms Summers chose to ask (in terms) if the investment in this contingency may be seen to be a waste of money, with funds better spent on other things.

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    1. Agree, I watched a fair bit of it (about the only BBC output I am prepared to tolerate) and thought the FM dealt competently with a wide variety of questions, including one about Denmark.
      What a contrast to the Westminster press conferences, where none of the spokes persons seem able to give a competent coherent answer.

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