Massive Scottish offshore windfarm still on track to undercut Hinkley Point by nearly half despite Covid-19

In Energy Voice today:

Marcel Sunier, project director for the Moray East Offshore Wind Farm, said the 100-turbine development in the Outer Moray Firth has experienced the “knock on effect” of the coronavirus pandemic. But he claimed that despite the stoppage of some parts of the delivery works the project is “more or less on track”.

Moray East was granted consent (1,116MW) in 2014 by the Scottish Government. In 2017 it won a 950MW contract for difference at competitive auction which set the price of power generated at £57.50 per MWhr.

In sharp contrast, the UK flagship nuclear power project at Hinkley Point in Somerset, will ‘guarantee [sic] a set price of £92.50 for every megawatt hour of electricity produced.’

8 thoughts on “Massive Scottish offshore windfarm still on track to undercut Hinkley Point by nearly half despite Covid-19

  1. There is no doubt that the renewables production is increasing and that the technology is there, but there is still the problem of the metrocentric National Grid. The pricing mechanism is rigged and this electricity will cost more in Moray than it will in London.

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  2. Hinckley Point strike price was set in 2012 but rises with inflation. To compare properly with the Moray windfarm you need to use 2017 prices as that’s when their agreement was priced.
    £92.50 in 2012 is worth about £105 in 2017. (which makes wind look even better).

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  3. I have said a few times that Hinkley Point 2 and its extortionate guaranteed price per unit of electricity, as well as the taxpayers’ liability for all the decommissioning cost are a cover story for 2 things.

    The cost of developing the Rolls Royce nuclear generators for Trident 2. and

    The cost of generating the fusion material for the Trident 2 warheads.

    This stuff must be generated in the Country where the arms will be owned.

    Cannot buy it in from USA or even France.

    Finally Hinckley will get a pay in subsidy to access the National Grid, nicely paid for by very large pay in costs for Renewable Energy from Scotland.

    The cost of decommissioning any generating plant in Scotland would be borne by the generator owner I imagine ?

    It is one of a long line of Treasury Vodoo Accounting designed to obscure the truth and further pillage Scotland’s natural wealth and riches.

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