It took me a minute or two to realise the Herald meant that Michael Gove was Scots and that he could let rip Aberdonian style. They go on to change tack and accuse him of Trump impersonation.

I’m thoroughly confused but ‘Scots?’ I know, born and educated in Aberdeen with a first job at the P&J but from the age of 18, thoroughly immersed in a life saturated with the worldview of the entitled Englishman, Tory and Unionist:

  1. English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and president of the Oxford Union.
  2. Writer at the Times and Spectator
  3. Biography of Michael Portillo where he compared the Good Friday Agreement to the appeasement of the Nazis
  4. Speech writer for Peter Lilley and Michael ‘Something of the Night’ Howard
  5. Apologist for the Iraq War
  6. Referring to Fraserburgh and Peterhead as Peterborough and Fraserhead

The last one is the final nail in his Scottishness and I haven’t had to mention that accent, yet.

I feel sure he claims Scottishness when it suits him but ‘down there’, it’s something to be denied. Wee Ginger Dug summed him up last year:

Some Scots who have moved to England feel the need to effect to despise their fellow country men and women in order to make their new English colleagues and acquaintances feel more at ease with the quasi-foreigner in their midst. They torture their accents, they come down with bad cases of irritable vowel syndrome, they distance themselves from any manifestations of overt Scottishness in order to highlight that they are not like those benighted Caledonians back in the Auld Country.