On Reporting Scotland tonight, we hear a rant from Gary Smith of the GMB:

‘It’s an absolute outrage that it has taken so long for us to get our act together and to start getting the PPE that we need arriving in the quantities that we require as well. And I would also say that were aren’t out the woods here either because if the demands for PPE increase and that is likely particularly in terms of mask and gowns em there is a question mark about how resilient that supply actually is.’

It’s just a rant. No figures, no evidence and language borrowed from Boris Johnson. Smith even seems unaware that numbers of cases have been plateauing for several days and those requiring treatment in intensive care are fewer each day.

Smith is just a rent-a-gob that BBC Scotland know they get at the drop of the hat to say something negative about the Scottish Government or the SNP.

Readers may recognise the great irony in Smith and the GMB accusing others of taking too long. The GMB was accused of delays in submitting claims for equal pay on behalf of hundreds of women workers and of failing to inform them that they would have legal fees deducted from the settlement, in 2019.


Readers may also remember Smith’s attention-seeking rant about Glasgow last July:

‘GLASGOW is a “filthy” and “unkempt” city that is in economic and political decline, according to one of the country’s top trade unionists. n a blistering attack on the state of Scotland’s largest city, GMB Scotland boss Gary Smith also derided the quality of the local airport and said Glasgow is suffering from an “epidemic” of rats.’


You name it, he’ll shout about it for the cameras.