Speaking on Good Morning Scotland and reported in the Press & Journal on 13th April:

Mr Kilgour, a Tory party donor, said: “My reading of this is that it’s pure spin, frankly, from the Scottish Government. “It’s no new money as far as I can see. All they’ve done is announced what has been agreed on the annual pay award. It’s always done on April 1 every year. Mr Kilgour accused the Scottish Government of trying to pass off a previous arrangement as a measure to help control coronavirus, adding: “All they’ve done is packaged and announced it as if it is new money.” The care home boss also claimed local authorities in England were “doing more than what we’re getting in Scotland, definitely”.


A reader has helpfully drawn our attention to mention of Kilgour in a Wings report in 2018:

Too much to expect BBC to mention that Robert KIlgour who is bumping his gums about care homes is a significant Tory donor and set up a Scottish business campaign group to oppose a future independence referendum, warning that supporters of union with the UK have become too complacent about the threat of secession. The Scottish Business UK group founded by care home entrepreneur Robert Kilgour will announce this month the creation of an advisory board that includes a leading publisher and a former chairman of employers’ lobby CBI Scotland. Also Think Scotland, a conservative-minded website is funded by Scottish unionist businessman Robert Kilgour. Think Scotland is owned by former Tory MSP [now Brexit MSP living in France] Brian Monteith.


‘Pro-independence’ newspaper, the National, has also given Kilgour space to complain, apparently unaware of his background or agenda:


BBC Scotland, of course, happily quote Kilgour, without reference to his background.