In the Scotsman today, the above headline for a report on ongoing maintenance at the Queensferry Crossing.

‘Scotland’s bridge of sighs?’ What sort of mind came up with that? The original in Venice was so named because it was the last sight convicts saw before their imprisonment.

It only goes to Fife! It’s not that bad. My mum and my sister live there and seem to like it. Mind you, it is the way to Willie Rennie’s home.

We’ve had this before. A multi-million capital project that needs maintenance – who’d have thought that? What about that Rail Bridge? Will they ever be able to stop painting it?

Is this what the Queensferry Crossing really means for Scotland, for the folk who built it, for the folk who commissioned it, the Scottish Government and by association, the SNP?

Here are some reminders as to why it is a bridge of sighs but only if you mean sighs of admiration and relief:

Queensferry Crossing named best infrastructure project:

Queensferry Crossing collects more awards:

Hauliers hail resilience of new Forth crossing after 34 “closures” prevented by wind shielding:

Queensferry Crossing proving its worth:

Queensferry Crossing serves up early business boost:

I could go on and on.