These appalling figures were, of course, only for the UK altogether, where the people of England can be shielded form the awful truth of 819 deaths in one day alone. BBC England’s page makes no mention of the carnage that Tory austerity has inflicted upon them. Way down the page we read:

In Scotland 47 more deaths were reported on Saturday, while 36 were reported in Wales and 15 in Northern Ireland.

The brutal arithmetic is:

  • England: 1 CV death just today for every 66 000 people.
  • Scotland: 1 CV death today for every 115 000 people, just over half the death rate of England
  • Wales: 1 CV death today for every 86 000 people.
  • Northern Ireland: 1 CV death today for every 126 000 people.

Yet, in the opinion polls Johnson is considered to be doing a good job. I feel sure, so sure, that Corbyn would have reacted quicker to the threat.