From stewartb:

It’s interesting to compare and contrast the BBC News website’s coverage of this story and that of many other online media outlets. The quotes attributed to Dr Hanif are especially notable.

The is from the BBC (Source: ):

‘The open letter from health workers, which was co-ordinated by Dr Shahzad Hanif, acknowledged that “some PPE has now been provided”.’

But then there is quote from Dr Hanif used by the news agency, PA:

“There are certainly signs that the quantity of protective equipment is certainly coming through now, certainly into primary care where I work and messages I have had from secondary care echo that – that’s less of a concern to us now, to be honest.”

Given the recent media emphasis on the lack of PPE for clinicians, is the latter comment not significant – even newsworthy?

(Source: )

So one source emphasises ‘some provided’ and the other ‘ less of a concern to be honest’. You would of course have been able to guess which was the BBC ‘framing’ even without the links to sources!