I think we know that the ‘Calderwood saga’ will damage her as much as the Salmond and Mackay sagas didn’t

Scott Macnab of the Herald does well to be less certain than many of his colleagues have been about damage to her and to the SNP, resulting from those fading sagas around Derek Mackay and Alex Salmond.

The polls are clear. SNP support has been climbing since December from 40-45% to hover around 50% in last 4. Unless we think support would’ve have been even higher at say 60% but for these sagas, we can be sure that they have neither harmed the party nor its leadership.

More accurately, from the Opinium poll on 26th March respondents were asked:

To what extent do you approve or disapprove of …The way Nicola Sturgeon is handling her job as Leader of the SNP?

A whopping 83% of SNP voters approved with only 4% disapproving but 56% of Lib Dems and 46% of Labour voters also approved.

Even among Con voters 20% approved and only 53% disapproved.

Then from Panelbase, on April 6th:

‘On handling the coronavirus outbreak 67% approved of Sturgeon and 47% approved of Johnson.’

There’s your answer Scott.

17 thoughts on “I think we know that the ‘Calderwood saga’ will damage her as much as the Salmond and Mackay sagas didn’t

  1. Yesterday’s news conference was a clear indication of the hostility of the press towards the Scottish government. The repeated returning to the case of the resignation of Dr Calderwood, trying to revisit answers already given, in order to find some weakness that could be exploited, and culminating in a preposterous and rude question from the Herald contributor – all this showed journalism at its worst: seeking less to reveal truth, and more to inflict damage. Depressing!

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  2. “The Calderwood saga will damage her as much as the Salmond and MacKay sagas didn’t “

    The Rev. Stu and Craig Murray are doing their best to damage Nicola Sturgeon. Promoting Alex Salmond.

    Divide and conquer. We’ve got a neighbour that built an empire based on this.

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  3. The Scotsman has a 1/4 page section opposite the letters page, which publishes comments from the online edition and its Facebook page.
    As you can imagine, the comments are almost always a yoon-fest of SNP Bad, and the IQ of many of the commentors is minimal.
    Today, one of the topics was of course the Calderwood affair and, strangely, 8 out of 10 comments were positive about Nicola Sturgeon’s role in the affair. I nearly fell off my chair.
    At yesterday’s media affair, when the FM was again forced into further discussion on the matter, Tom Gordon got the last question – demanding to know why the FM did not admit this was her mistake. For gawd’s sake Tom -gie it a rest!!!
    I think there should be a real concern about how the media behaviour may affect Dr Calderwood and her family. I hope they are not watching or listening to any of this.

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    1. I asked, on-line, in yesterday’s Times when it became reasonable to use Dr Calderwood’s and Mr. Loudon’s wedding photograph and very quickly got a couple of replies from Unionists explaining that it had been going on for 50 years or more and that I shouldn’t complain as it might have come from her Facebook entry. That was OK then. If you are the supposed UK ‘journal of record’ you can use photographs of family occasions to head knocking copy articles as long as the people concerned are associated with the SNP or Scottish Government.

      As it happens, I suspect, given Dr. Calderwood’s and Mr. Loudon’s backgrounds, that they might be of the Unionist persuasion. As, indeed, was/is Mr. Gordon Jackson who was actually a Labour MSP: but it doesn’t matter as these people are seen as fair game: as the enemy, because they are or were associated with hated Scottish nationalism in some way. There is simply no point in trying to keep in the good books of the UK/Scottish MSM. They, are the enemy and will virtually always act as such.

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      1. Dr Calderwood may be of a Unionist persuasion but I do not know if she is. What I do know is that anytime she was interviewed on medical matters before and during this pandemic she gave clear and informative answers and never strayed, or allowed herself, to be led into putting an SNP bad spin on things. The same cannot be said for some of the other people who head public bodies eg Audit Scotland

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      2. Legerwood,

        I agree with this and it is this expertise that the FM was trying to retain on Sunday. I also thought that her statements have always, even before this crisis, have always been measured, and careful not to give cause for the media hyenas to attack the SG.

        Undoubtedly, Dr Calderwood was wrong in her decision to visit her second home and to have done this more than once. Quite rightly, Police Scotland issued a warning to her and PUBLICLY announced that they had done so. Dr Calderwood’s admission and apology plus the Police action plus the FM’s explanation for her decision went some way to repair the anger at the CMO’s actions. However, I think the revelation of her OTHER visits to her second home ca’ed the feet from this.

        On the appalling GMS, the self-righteous Laura Maxwell announced that ‘the social media storm meant she had to go.’ This was refuted very firmly by a former media adviser to the Scottish Tories, who pointed out how mob-like such ‘storms’ are. He praised the FM’s attempts to retain Dr Calderwood’s expertise. It is the hate-mongers of the Scottish media who should look to their actions.

        This site attempts to do that. But the meeja in Scotland is such a narrow incestuous group of similar opinions and backgrounds that they are unrecognising of the ‘confirmation bias’ that is part of their milieu.

        PS. I met Dr Calderwood once, shortly after she was appointed at an event organised by a health charity. It was a ‘thank you’ for volunteers. She mingled sociably and was not in any way ‘distant’ because of her status, as were some MSPs and ‘celebrities’ who were also present.

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      3. Legerwood re-your comment: “The same cannot be said for some of the other people who head public bodies eg Audit Scotland”

        This is interesting! I thought it was just me that had spotted over recent years a change in (let’s say) the ‘style’ of AS’s communications with the media. Often seems IMHO to have too much ‘interpretative gloss’ on what should be ‘dry’, objective and tightly tied to evidence.

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  4. “Don’t politicise the pandemic” was the desperate cry of the Brit Nit media when Sturgeon (and Calderwood) were playing a blinder.

    A tad different now, what? A slavering, howling media pack (of inbred, tiny Schnoodles) baying for blood.
    Boris in intensive care due to his own stupidity (shaking hands in hospitals–social non-differencing) , and as he was their Brit Cult figure things are going to get even more desperate.

    Wonder how they will try to pin the blame on “The Nats”, Sturgeon and us Scots.

    The press is dying, no one trusts them in Scotland, and they make rods for their own backs.

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  5. Murder Fraser , Liz Smith and another were happy to stravaig up Ben Vorlich recently in contravention of guidance . They must have some feelings of guilt for they have deleted their FB & Twitter postings about their “jolly” in the hills of Perthshire .


    1. True, but, she is a doctor and therefore something to do with the health service and to BBC Scotland the health service is a line of attack on the SG.

      What the BBC would have liked was for her to have had a doo-cot at her second home and for her to have visited the QEUH in the past decade.


        1. Dr Calderwood’s faux pas has almost vanished from the news, mainly due to the unfortunate condition of the Prime Minister.

          We are “assured” by the media in hushed, awed tones that he is still running the country despite his clearly serious condition.

          I think most people have realised that we actually do have a First Minister who IS running her country in conjunction with specialist advisers and other members of the SG and, who is getting support from the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Jackson Carlaw.

          The hyenas of the Scottish media are so focussed on attacking the SG at all times that they have no other way of operating.


  6. Who are these 47% of people who think that Johnson has handled the crisis well,even though he has been MIA more or less since the beginning?
    Didn’t realise the Orange Order had so many members.


    1. Popularity of a ‘leader’ always spikes during any crisis (note how many ‘crises’ we have… invented, or purposefully created: not this one obviously!), it seems to be just one of those things, people don’t like to criticise the person that is meant to resolve the issue? I wouldn’t pay much mind to the popularity ratings just now!


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