Scott Macnab of the Herald does well to be less certain than many of his colleagues have been about damage to her and to the SNP, resulting from those fading sagas around Derek Mackay and Alex Salmond.

The polls are clear. SNP support has been climbing since December from 40-45% to hover around 50% in last 4. Unless we think support would’ve have been even higher at say 60% but for these sagas, we can be sure that they have neither harmed the party nor its leadership.

More accurately, from the Opinium poll on 26th March respondents were asked:

To what extent do you approve or disapprove of …The way Nicola Sturgeon is handling her job as Leader of the SNP?

A whopping 83% of SNP voters approved with only 4% disapproving but 56% of Lib Dems and 46% of Labour voters also approved.

Even among Con voters 20% approved and only 53% disapproved.

Then from Panelbase, on April 6th:

‘On handling the coronavirus outbreak 67% approved of Sturgeon and 47% approved of Johnson.’

There’s your answer Scott.