From School Exclusion Statistics, published yesterday we can see further dramatic falls in temporary school exclusions and with permanent exclusions approaching zero.

This contrasts starkly with England where nearly 8 000 were permanently excluded in 2018, by Executive Head Teachers, in pursuit of exam scores and personal bonuses. The wider effects in terms of knife crime by adolescents have been discussed.

More on the English schools Tories love to applaud:

The number of permanent exclusions from schools in England has reached its highest point in nearly a decade, according to the latest government statistics 

The figures showed that schoolchildren were permanently expelled on 7,900 occasions in 2017-18, compared to 7,700 in 2016-17 – a rise of 3 per cent. 

This is equivalent to about 42 children a day being expelled, a slight rise from 41 per day in 2016-17. It is the largest number of permanent exclusions since 2008-2009. 

Funding cuts to schools and children’s services have made it harder to provide early intervention and support those with challenging behaviour, headteachers’ unions said.