Paul Hutcheon wins award for Freudian self-assessment with 'cesspit of bitterness and resentment!'

In a poll carried out for us by IPSO facto, Paul Hutcheon proved the most popular choice of ‘Young Creative Writer of the Year’ with his courageous and brutally honest self-assessment, in the moment when, thinking about his attempts to become a serious journalist, he realises that he can’t because his mind is ‘a cesspit of bitterness and resentment’. I’m not ashamed to say, I shed an empathetic tear, when he then knew he had to accept life with a tabloid. It haunts me.

2 thoughts on “Paul Hutcheon wins award for Freudian self-assessment with 'cesspit of bitterness and resentment!'”

  1. I have read some of this and I see what you mean.I don’t know if I am allowed to show these quotes but here goes.

    She was once a Salmond protege but the pair now detest each other

    The Salmond trial will turn the SNP into a cesspit of bitterness and resentment.

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  2. The man responsible for putting together The Vow the then editor Paul Foote decided he wanted to stay in Scotland so left the paper and became a convert to Independence for Scotland. Now working for the SNP.
    When David Clegg (Hutchy’s predecessor) decided he could no longer defend the UK (due to Brexit) on the pages of the paper he was moved to another paper (The courier?) .
    Instantly replaced by another individual prepared to do their dirty work, Hutchy.

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