BBC Reporting Scotland showed the above graph last night. Any fool can see that the Scottish deaths are not soaring like the cases. BBC Newsnight showed the one below, without my addition of the Scottish death rate (red), and any fool can see that the UK deaths are soaring:

Using a graph that shouts ‘Why are the deaths so low compared to the cases?’ but not referring to the UK figures, Lisa Summers seemed unable to think the obvious: ‘Something different, something good, is happening in Scotland’s hospitals‘.

Looking at the figures, as of last night:

  • Scotland 584 cases 16 deaths, 2.7%
  • UK 8 077 cases 422 deaths, 5%

The death rate, per head of population, in Scotland, is running at half the level and it’s not, as some argue, because we are ‘behind’:

8% of the population 7.2% of the cases but only 3.7% of the deaths: Why?

You know what the answer is. Johnson prepared us to think it it:

‘Scotland’s hospitals are saving more lives from coronavirus because they are more resilient than those across the UK wounded by ten years of Tory austerity.’