Macwhirter joins the fools in praying for an SNP Civil War

In the Herald today:

‘The Scottish political world is holding its breath this weekend. Tomorrow, in Edinburgh’s High Court, Alex Salmond, the former SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland, will go on trial accused of 14 criminal charges including attempted rape, sexual assault and harassment.’

It’s more than a year now, since Paul Tabloid Hutcheon predicted that the Salmond affair would ‘wear the SNP administration down.’ The 2019 General Election result may have countered that notion.

From the commonly mild-mannered, sometimes independence-supporting Macwhirter, the headline ‘top to bottom’ seems a bit OTT. Did he write it?

He is correct in his opening line but, for clarity it needs, ‘Only’ as the first word. I seriously doubt that the party’s millions of supporters or thousands of members are other than a bit distracted and maybe peed-off by the media circus.

It’s only two days since his colleague Gina Labour Davidson had a go at boosting the click-bait figures with the same kind of story.

Today, Macwhirter joins the ranks, with her, of those praying that the errors of an individual SNP politician will somehow convert into lost votes. He is in fine company – Brian Brexit Monteith, Brian Bad Vibrations Wilson, John Tory Councillor MacLennan and Mark I Know Some Teachers Smith, but like them she is certain to be disappointed.


History tells us so.

After the Derek Mackay scandal had fully saturated the media, the Opinium survey on 12th February 2020, didn’t have a Scottish breakdown but had support as a share of the overall UK-wide survey at 6% up from 5% in their last poll on 10th December 2019.

Back in January 2018, Paul Hutcheon felt sure that this time the SNP was for it:

The next poll was clear. The SNP support was increasing:

To be fair, Macwhirter probably doesn’t believe what he writes any more. It’s just click-bait and, for me, the opportunity to ‘shoot fish in a barrel.’

4 thoughts on “Macwhirter joins the fools in praying for an SNP Civil War”

  1. Surely it would make sense, if you are repeating the “click bait” mantra, to put up the Herald links as ‘archived’ so that they would no longer count?

    Agree with your sentiments, however!


  2. Since Brexit,there has been a shift in the political tectonic plates in Scotland based on the realisation that Westminster no longer acts in Scotland’s interests.
    The trial of a single individual and the hype from the unionist press isn’t going to change that.
    Indeed,people are becoming inured to the ‘SNP bad’ message continually expounded by HM press.
    No self respecting independent country would allow these cowboys to get away with their political agenda.
    There is a great deal of difference between holding the executive to account and a constant barrage of propaganda targeted at undermining the government.

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