Note: Thanks to the Rev Stu Campbell for spotting this.

This must be the last straw for residual Herald buyers. Just as the people of Liverpool rejected the Sun after it accused Liverpool FC supporters of stealing from the dead at Hillsborough, surely the people of Scotland can no longer buy the Herald?

Most important, Salmond is currently innocent.

Further, he is accused of crimes which though serious are not comparable with those of multiple serial killers such as Peter Sutcliffe, child killers such as the Wests or mass genocidal killers such as Adolf Eichmann.

Only Weinstein, bottom-left, is guilty of similar crimes though, in his case, actual rapes and many of them.

In the small print, Neal Mackay mentions that these crimes ‘are in no way connected to next week’s events’. If he really cared at all about that, might he have chosen cases of genuine comparability such as Labour peer Nazir Ahmed accused of two attempted rapes or Tory MP Charlie Elphicke accused of rape?