In the Herald today:

‘Scotland’s employers are facing a 25 per cent hike in the total business rates burden in just three years, according to official forecasts. The scale of the increase emerged on the eve of today’s final Holyrood vote on the Scottish budget for 2020/21.’

Absent from the Herald, of course was the SNP Small Business Bonus Scheme:

  • The total overall savings to businesses as a result of the Small Business Bonus Scheme covering the period 2008-09 – 2018-19 are £1.79 billion. The estimated savings for 2019-20 will add a further £272 million.
  • 120,420 properties received Small Business Bonus Scheme relief, compared to 64,180 properties in 2008.
  • 111,040 properties received 100% relief through the Small Business Bonus Scheme.

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