Link sent to me by reader Scott:

Tonight on BBC 4’s Beyond 100 days:

‘Infant mortality began to rise after 2015. More babies died at a higher rate each year in England. They didn’t in Scotland. And in Scotland they actually decided to spend more on infants and babies and there they have reduced the infant mortality rate.’

The presenters’ faces a second after he said that:

They didn’t have a follow-up question on the Scottish situation but went quickly on to talk about how their US viewers might think about this. Dorling then referred to the lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality there, before saying:

‘England is getting to be more like a state of the United States. Scotland, interestingly, is moving towards being more like the Scandinavian countries which have incredibly good health outcomes.’

Presenter: ‘Sooo interesting.’

I didn’t watch Reporting Scotland tonight. Did Professor Dorling appear to say this?