95% target for drug treatment is hit


The quarterly trend for Scotland as a whole since data collection began shows little change in performance. Of the 11,229 people who started their first treatment in the most recent quarter, 95.0% waited three weeks or less.

For the 5,894 people seeking alcohol treatment, 94.9% waited three weeks or less.

For the 5,335 people seeking drug treatment, 95.0% waited three weeks or less.

11 out of the 14 NHS Boards met the standard. NHS Boards that did not meet the standard were NHS Highland, NHS Lothian, and NHS Shetland.

In prisons, 1006 people started their first drug or alcohol treatment between July-September 2019 with 93.7% waiting three weeks or less.

At the end of this quarter, 2,664 people were waiting to start their first drug or alcohol treatment, of which 229 (8.6%) had been waiting more than six weeks. This is similar to the same quarter last year when 223 (7.4%) people were waiting more than six weeks.””

Opposition politicians love to harp on about money being cut from the service. Maybe it has been but it still seems to be functioning. As with treatment for any addiction it is the addict who needs to take the first step. You can’t pull them off the street and beat the addiction out of them.

Click to access 2019-12-17-DATWT-Summary.pdf

3 thoughts on “95% target for drug treatment is hit”

  1. Further evidence of SNP Scottish Government good governance illustrated in the high (and rising – over a 3 year period) level of successful collection of Court Fines. Link and snippet from Scottish Legal site below:


    The value of fines and penalties collected in the last three years has risen in all categories, reflecting consistently strong collection rates, the new Quarterly Fines Report from the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service reveals.

    The 43rd Quarterly Fines Report shows that the value of Sheriff Court fines imposed during the three-year period between 2016/17 and 2019/20, and now either paid or on track to be paid as at 20 January 2020, has risen to 90 per cent – an increase of one percentage point over the last quarter.

    The value of JP Court fines shows a rise of two percentage points from 88 to 90 per cent over the same period, while fiscal penalties are up three points from 73 to 76 per cent and Police Fixed Penalties are also up by three points from 78 to 81 per cent.

    In the Sheriffdom of Glasgow and Strathkelvin more than £17,000 was paid up by 75 offenders who had their bank accounts frozen over the past quarter with 37 offenders settling their bills immediately when they found their accounts had been arrested. This included a city driver who was fined £1,800 for multiple road traffic offences but had only paid a fraction of his fines. He settled the total amount within four days of finding his account blocked.

    In Lothian and Borders Sheriffdom, an Edinburgh man fined for drug dealing, fraud and driving while using a phone stumped up £2,335 after his account was frozen. The drug dealer had previously ignored warnings and dodged paying up for more than two years until enforcement officers obtained the successful bank arrestment order.


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