John Robertson:

As hundreds are flooded out of their homes, across England, and angry residents blame government failures, BBC Scotland struggles to compete, finding only this:

Urgent repairs are being carried out to flood defences in a Borders town after they were damaged during Storm Ciara.It is thought the problems on the Jed Water at Richmond Row in Jedburgh were caused by large debris striking the riverbank due to high water levels. Scottish Borders Council is carrying out the repairs ahead of further heavy rainfall expected this weekend. It said plans were in place to evacuate 12 properties in the area should remedial work be unsuccessful. The Borders was badly affected by flooding over the weekend with one bed and breakfast in Hawick partially washed away.

One bed and breakfast and some damage to a flood defence but, critically, no actual cases of people flooded out of their properties. Are these, below, the news not being reported, and the reasons why?

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